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Agriculture in Rwanda accounts for a third of Rwanda’s GDP; constitutes the main economic activity for the rural households (especially women) and remains their main source of income. Today, the agricultural population is estimated to be a little less than 80% of the total population. The sector meets 90% of the national food needs and generates more than 70% of the country’s export revenues.

The country’s Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) defines a large number of programs in the agriculture sector including the intensification of sustainable production systems in crop cultivation and animal husbandry; building the technical and organizational capacity of farmers; promoting commodity chains and agribusiness, and strengthening the institutional framework of the sector at central and local level.


  1. Identification of potential sources of rapid and sustainable growth within the agricultural sector;
  2. Identification of key policies and institutional reforms and supporting investments needed to unlock growth;
  3. Prioritization of actions needed to stimulate increased agricultural growth

Transforming the Agriculture Sector to move it towards commercial farming; agro-processing; import substitution and export is key to efficient usage of Rwanda’s scarce land and critical to achieving the Vision 2020.

RDB aims to unleash the potential of this sector, particularly in Agri-business.


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