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L-R: ORN CEO Peter Jeon, MYICT Minister Nsengimana Jean Philbertl, ORN Chair Steve Mutabazi officially launch Rwanda's 4G LTE

  • Rwandans to enjoy a new era of data explosion with the launch of 4G LTE services in Kigali 

Kigali, Rwanda. November 11, 2014. Rwanda is offering a high speed broadband internet experience after months of testing the 4G LTE (long Term Evolution) service.

The launch of the commercial 4G LTE data services comes after successful network optimization and service configuration that has been done in close collaboration with potential business partners in the provision of 4G LTE service (MNOs & ISPs) during the “Trial Period” that begun on 1st April 2014.

According to the olleh Rwanda networks CEO, Dr. Peter Jeon, the partnership between public and private sector in implementing 4G networks will bring about availability of affordable services, subsequently, enhancing the economic activity and facilitating business growth in the country, as users will communicate, transact and collaborate in a completely new way by offering affordability to the citizens.

“4G technology will expand Rwanda’s social and commercial horizons, not only because of the fast speed but the quality and reliability of the technology as well. We have succeeded in putting in place 65 sites in Kigali and plan to expand our reach outside Kigali in 2015,” he said.

He added, "We anticipate that the service will exceed consumers"expectations in terms of experience as well as create more value for our business partners without whom the commercialization of the services wouldn’t have been possible.  

The 4G LTE technology being one of the latest mobile technologies will offer possibilities for all kinds of innovative smart devices and applications. It is expected that 4G LTE Technology will usher in a completely new data era that will open up new opportunities to create businesses, spur innovation and improve people’s lives.

“For many organisations, reliable and affordable internet access has become a core utility service that they must have to conduct their businesses.” RDB’s Chief Operating Officer Clare Akamanzi said. 

 “We are firmly on our way towards beings a knowledge economy where business thrives and grows as a result of reliable Internet access. The 4G network is an immense boost to achieving our mission by the year 2020,” she added.

The network is being managed by olleh Rwanda Networks, a joint venture of RDB and Korea Telecom..

olleh Rwanda networks had already put in place two state-of-the-art Network Operation Centres (NOC) that would facilitate the monitoring, maintaining and upgrading for all 4G LTE sites so far deployed in City of Kigali.  The NOCs will ensure quality and reliability of the technology with continuous rollout in the country.

  • oRn is the 4G LTE wholesale service provider in Rwanda, jointly invested by the Government of Rwanda and Korea Telecom for wholesale provision using 4G LTE technology.
  • The Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and KT Corporation entered into a public-private partnership in the form of a Joint Venture (JV) Company, olleh Rwanda networks, to deploy high-speed broadband services in Rwanda based on 4G LTE technology.
  • The end users will subscribe the 4G service through MNOs and ISPs in Rwanda.


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